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Welcome to Stephen Staack Photography, your nature photographer in Fort Myers, Florida.

As an experienced nature and wildlife photographer, Stephen Staack is dedicated to selling you high quality, vividly colorful nature photography at an affordable price. Browse Stephen's photos to see the beautiful and interesting nature and travel photographs that Stephen Staack Photography has for purchase.

Get to Know Stephen

• Stephen established full time residency in Fort Myers, Florida in April, 2012.

• In May 2013, Marsha Mann became Stephen’s wife, partner, and main inspiration and motivation to take his photography to the professional level.

• Stephen loves the beautiful weather, bountiful nature and wildlife, and the beaches of Fort Myers and all of Southwest and South Florida. His colorful photography is an expression of what he sees and feels about various area of Florida and his travels regionally, nationally, and internationally.

• In addition to Fort Myers nature photography as well as photography of Southwest and South Florida, you will find a wide variety of photos spanning North America from Mexican Mayan archaeological sites, Costa Rican rain forests, the Rocky Mountain National Park and Badlands National Park. Additionally, you will find nature landscape photography from the Missouri Ozarks, Niagara Falls (Canadian and U.S. Falls) and other areas on the website.

What kind of prints can you purchase?

Nature landscape photography

Marine life photography

Beach landscape photography

Wildflower, flower and plant photography

Maritime photography

Mayan Ruins photography

Guatemalan textile craft photography

Butterfly and Insect photography

Wildlife photography

Bird Photography and Florida Bird Photography

Italian Landscape Photography from a variety of locations across Italy:

• Venice, Italy

Vatican City

Sorrento, Italy

Rome, Italy

Pompeii, Italy

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Lake Maggiore

Italian Countryside

Florence, Italy


Assi, Italy

And don't miss out on the Ascona, Switzerland album, either.

How to Purchase Photos

Option 1: Browse Stephen’s photos / gallery here on Smug Mug, and select your favorite for purchase.  When you purchase through Smug Mug, there will be a nominal shipping charge.

Option 2: You can also search for something specific under Search Photos

Option 3: Contact Stephen directly to talk with him about his photos. Stephen also has a limited number of printed and matted nature prints available for sale in person. Contact Stephen to schedule your appointment to see prints you can buy today. This opportunity is only available for those local to or visiting Fort Myers, Florida and surrounding communities. When you make your purchase from Stephen directly, shipping and free delivery are available in a 25 mile radius of North Fort Myers. Minimal shipping rates may apply outside the 25 mile radius.

Thank you for visiting Stephen Staack Photography, your source for that unique photo print for your home or business!